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Monday, October 14, 2013

To introduce myself

My name is Furák-Pop László (born Furák László). I was born in a Hungarian family on the last day of August of the year 1974 in Romania. My childhood and teen ages were marked by the communist regim that dominated that time, not just Romania but the whole Center and Eastern Europe. At that time people found several ways to adjust to the political situation. Me and my friends chose to rise against the ideologies promoted by the communists adopting un unconventional look (long hair, black clothes) and listening to forbidden western music (mostly Depeche Mode, The Cure).
In the year of 1990, right after the fall of the communist regime my parents decided to leave Romania and to try our luck in Hungary, as many of the Hungarian families living in Romania did. So at the age of 16, I said „goodbye” to my friends, to school and to my childhood and I started a new life. At 18 I started to earn my own living working. I had many kinds of jobs starting from digging ditches, making ceramics, serving in a bar and ending with organizing events at a cultural youth center.
In 2005 faith, or life, or who knows what (or who) brought me back to Romania. I was home again! I renew my ties with the old friends and I started to work in advertising – making 3D letters out of plexy, polistyren, expanded PVC. I started to experiment with the materials I used in my work making little installations and decorative objects out of leftovers („garbage” as I like to call it).
In 2007 I met my wife. I received my first set of oil paint from her, at our first Christmas together. That is when I started to play painting first on canvas, then on other materials. Gradually, my paintings started to become collages paintings. For collage I started to collect images from old newspapers and magazines printed before 1989 (the year of the political change in Romania). My first collage (the one you can see on the banner) is dedicated to my son and it was created out of the emotional avalanche I felt in the one of the most important moments of my life, that of becoming a Father.
Music accompanied me all the way and it become more then a hobby, it is a love, a passion, a lifelong commitment. „She” influenced my work significantly. In my works you can discover traces of artists like: Joy Division, Soft Moon, Cocteau Twins, Frond Line Assembly, Combat Astronomy and many others that I invite you to discover yourself throughout my work. 

So if you are interested in my work, or want to find out tips and tricks in this incredible art, feel free to follow my posts.


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